For 30 years, the Cleveland Ecumenical Institute for Religious Studies (CEIRS) has provided sophisticated courses in Christian theology across both orthodox and liberal ideologies. Covering broad themes including art, history, and practical approaches to cultivating human spirituality, there is a CEIRS course for every Christian seeker.

Courses are taught by theologians from Northeast Ohio and beyond, representing thought leadership and a wide breadth of experiences across Christian denominations. CEIRS courses are affordable, accessible, and open to anyone who’d like to deepen their spirituality, form their faith, and invite the challenge of new ideas. There are no prerequisites, no examinations, and no written assignments. Instead, students will find great learning and camaraderie.

At CEIRS you will encounter outstanding local teachers and professors, as well as nationally known speakers, who teach on a myriad of topics: Biblical Studies, Spirituality, Ethics, Comparative Religions, and Theology and Culture.

Winter 2023 Courses

  • Walking in Wonder: Praying with the Celts
    Any deep dive into Celtic spirituality will emerge with the following practices: a sense of wonder and awe toward creation; solitude and silence; inner/outer pilgrimage;  sacred landscapes; soul friendship; the depth dimension of each moment; thin places; and kinship with Jesus. 
  • The Gospels and Caravaggio: A Dialogue of Text and Light
    This course will explore scriptural passages that support four great themes of the Christian tradition. The dialogue between the scriptural text and Caravaggio’s work will provide insights not only to the history of the bible and art, but also to faith.
  • The 4 S’s of Spirituality: Silence, Solitude, Simplicity and Sacrament
    The 4 S’s provide a structure not only to think about life, but begin to live differently and more deeply. Each one of the S’s offers a creative way to look at a dimension of our life that can become more spiritual, meaningful, and purposeful. 
  • Cleveland Museum of Art Lenten Retreat
    This retreat is semi-self-directed involving the participant’s reflection on a single piece of art. “The art one settles on can speak to us spiritually without having a conventional religious subject. It can be an icon that serves as a window into God.”
CEIRS courses are an excellent way to learn, especially through art and literature. I always deepen my understanding.